Alveda King: You Need Peace, then Justice

Alveda King: You Need Peace, then Justice

Activist and niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King, argued that even though “there is still racism alive in America,” “you got to have peace, and then you can go after justice” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.  

“Martin Luther King Jr. and my dad, in the midst of turbulence, and I actually marched and went to jail, faced the tear gas, and the nerve gas shot in my arm, all of that, but they would preach peace. They would say ‘you got to have peace and then you can go after justice’” she said.  And “if my uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., went to Ferguson today, he would be meeting with the spiritual leaders. he would be encouraging the people. he would be motivating the rioters and say ‘you’re better than this, you don’t have to live like this’ … he would want a society that was so much better that Michael never felt like he had to go in the store and steal anything in the first place.”

Regarding the shooting of Michael Brown, she stated, “I believe we must wait until the whole investigation is done. It’s too early to make decisions on either side, but I believe that we should not rush to just decide that, you know, Michael was just slaughtered and shot down. We have to let the justice take its course, but it’s still unfortunate. Michael should not be dead.”

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