Pat Caddell: GOP Should Nationalize Immigration Issue

Pat Caddell: GOP Should Nationalize Immigration Issue

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” former Carter pollster Pat Caddell discussed what strategies the Republican Party should employee despite finding themselves at a cash disadvantage in the upcoming November midterm elections.

According to Caddell, the best path for the GOP would be to nationalize the midterm election and make it a referendum on the issue of immigration.

“[I]f I were the Republicans would stop and say, ‘Wait a minute, we’re having a national election. We should be having a referendum,” Caddell said. “I feel in 2012 the Republicans failed because they had no national message. It’s too late for them to have do what they should have done, which is get on the Capitol steps ala Newt Gingrich and the contract for America. What they need to do is they need to make this a referendum election—‘if you’re happy with this.’ Take the issue of immigration, for instance — the president says he’s going to amnesty five to 11 million people come after the Election Day, like you people in the country are stupid. They couldn’t before because the country has turned on this. And then we had the vote in the Senate last week where Harry Reid held back, waiting to see if they were needed. The Republicans should be out there saying, ‘You know what they’ll do after the election. If you want the president to do that, then vote for them. If not, vote for us.’ I’m just saying, you nationalize this election.”

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