Allen West: Obama Derelict in Duties as Commander-in-Chief

Allen West: Obama Derelict in Duties as Commander-in-Chief

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “On The Record,” former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said President Barack Obama was derelict in his duty as commander-in-chief when he didn’t take the rise of ISIS earlier in the year seriously.

West said, “First of all in the military leaders take responsibility. They don’t take credit. for this person, who has been receiving daily intelligence briefings that he has had left on his desk, has not been reading. For this president and for the entire world, who saw ISIS cross over the border into Iraq take out Fallujah and Ramadi back in February, he referred to them as a junior varsity team, a jv team, obviously he underestimated.”

West continued, “If the Obama administration was honest with the fact that they are playing politics not practicality on the ground. It goes to not keeping a residual force and understanding who ISIS is. When you come up and say ISIS not islamic. Are they Mennonites or Amish?”

“Obvious he is not a leader. The first one is about a dereliction of duty, if you are receiving those intelligence briefings, you are not allowing the staff to brief it you are quote unquote read it on your own and have follow-up questions. You have to ask the question is the president’s head in the game as far as his number one priority? His number one title and responsibility as commander-in-chief,” he added. 

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