Caddell: Undecided Voters Won't Vote Democrat

Caddell: Undecided Voters Won't Vote Democrat

Former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell predicted that undecided voters would either not vote or vote Republican on Monday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think because people measure their own personal experiences. That’s what’s happening in this election right now. We’re all waiting to see all these huge undecideds, where they go. As I said last week, they’re either not going to vote or they’re going to move Republican…even though the Republicans haven’t, as I think, nationalized the election the way they should have” he said.

Caddell also expressed surprise that the Republican Party had no major narrative like in 2012, stating “for some reason, they had no narrative in 2012. Remember, the Tea Parties produced the narrative in 2010. The Republican Party had in my opinion no narrative in ‘12. Particularly with Obamacare or [the president] being a disappointment. In 2014, the Republicans have abandoned debt. They’ve abandoned tax cuts. All these things, and they’re now hanging on his [Obama’s] weak leadership, his low ratings, but they’re not doing it. It’s interesting, though, there are some places where that’s different.”

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