Rand Launches 'Six-Figure' Ad Buy in Kansas

Rand Launches 'Six-Figure' Ad Buy in Kansas

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) announced he is launching a “six-figure” ad buy in Kansas on behalf of Republican Sen. Pat Roberts’ re-election campaign on Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “On the Record.”

Paul said he bought the ad and planned to visit Kansas to campaign for Roberts because Roberts was one of the few in the Senate to support his amendment to cut off funding to the Muslim Brotherhood, and “it’s close. I think people are fooled into thinking maybe he [Roberts’ opponent, Greg Orman] is an independent. But I kind of see him as someone who isn’t really being forthright. Who is he going to vote for, is he going to vote for Harry Reid? If he votes for Harry Reid, that means you will never get any of your taxes lowered, you’ll never get any regulations repealed and frankly the economy will still continue to stagnate as far as I’m concerned.”

He added that the election would be referendum on President Obama’s policies and that Democratic challenger Alison Grimes has little chance of unseating Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Asked for the GOP’s agenda if it takes the Senate, Paul stated “we will put legislation on the desk of the president and we will see frankly what he will do. I think some of it frankly will be part way towards what a lot of people in the country want. Will there be some immigration reform? Yeah. Will there be some tax reform? Yes. Will there be some regulatory reform? Yeah. Will there be maybe bringing some jobs home from overseas by lowering some taxes and letting American companies bring jobs home? I think all of that will be put on the president’s desk.”

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