Sanders Doubles Down on Link Between Climate Change and Terrorism

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) echoed his comments form last night Democratic presidential debate saying again climate change is a major factor causing terrorism.

Sanders said, “If we are going to see an increase in drought, flood, extreme weather disturbances as a result of climate change, what that means is that peoples all over the world are going to be fighting over limited natural resources. If there is not enough water, if there is not enough land to grow your crops then going to see migrations of people fighting over land that will sustain them. And that will lead to international conflicts. I think when we talk about all of the possible ravages of climate change which to my mind is just a huge planetary crisis increased international conflict is one of the issues that we have got to appreciate will happen”

Host John Dickerson asked, “How does drought connect with attacks by ISIS in the middle of Paris?”

Sanders continued, “Say in Syria for example, there’s some thought about this. is that when you have drought, when people can’t grow their crops they’re going to migrate into cities. When people migrate into cities they don’t have jobs, there’s going to be a lot more instability, lot more unemployment and people will be subject to the types of propaganda that al Qaeda and ISIS are using right now. Where you have discontent, you have instability, that is where problems arise and certainly without a doubt climate change will lead to that.”

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