Gingrich: Trump Will Change Electoral Map, There’ll Be ‘Trump Americans’ Like There Were Reagan Democrats

Newt Gingrich spoke on the Friday broadcast of “Hannity” about how he thinks presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is changing the electoral map.

“What’s going to happen is, this is going to surprise you, I think you’re going to see us replace red and blue states with green for Trump and orange for Hillary and you’re going to see Trump will be competitive almost everywhere in America because the potential today, for example, when he’s on your show, he’s in 435 congressional districts,” Gingrich said.

“Look, I believe, and you heard it here for the first time so you can keep this and play it later on the air. Just as there were once Reagan Democrats, I think there are going to be ‘Trump Americans’ and they’re not going to be people who rush in and decide they’re Republican the next day” he explained. “They’re going to say, ‘Look, to make America great again, I’m going to be for Donald Trump.’ They’re going to be in all 50 states. They’re going to be in places you never expected. I think we’re going have a new map. As I said, replace red and blue because it’s the old order. Replace it with green for Trump and orange for Hillary and you’re going to have a very different map by election day.”

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