Joe Biden Alleges Trump Involved in a Cover-Up on Ukraine

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’s “Newshour,” 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden said he believes President Donald Trump is engaged in a cover-up about his interactions with Ukraine.

Judy Woodruff asked, “The phone call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine, now that there are White House aides saying there was material left out of the transcript of that call. Do you believe the president is involved in a cover-up?”

Biden said, “Yes. Look, you have some of the finest people in the administration feeling they have to come forward and say exactly what they heard and what they knew.”

He continued, “The idea that someone would invite a foreign power into our election and in the process withhold —apparently the allegation by some within the administration who heard the conversations — withhold vital aid, military aid voted for by the Congress while Ukrainian are dying… is just one of the things that no president that I’m aware of would ever thought of doing.”

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