Rubio on the World Health Organization: ‘Unfortunately, It Has Been Politicized’

Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) weighed in on President Donald Trump going after the World Health Organization and threatening to withhold funding for getting the coronavirus outbreak “wrong” and seeming to be “very China-centric.”

Rubio first praised the work by the people on the frontlines of World Health Organization, but expressed his concern that it has “been politicized” by “Chinese influence and Chinese money.”

“Our problem’s with the leadership because the World Health Organization serves an important purpose,” Rubio advised. “Unfortunately, it has been politicized. China has undertaken an effort over the last 15 years to sort of infiltrate and exert influence over international organizations at the U.N. and of course the World Health Organization.”

He continued, “[T]here’s evidence that it’s been politicized, that the World Health Organization at its leadership level was politicized by Chinese influence and Chinese money. And that’s unfortunate because that organization should not be political and should not be making public health pronouncements under duress from any country in the world. It should be making those pronouncements on the basis of medical science. And so, I have deep concerns about it and that’s why I hope that at a minimum we can get the leader of that organization to resign because he’s definitely been politicized.”

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