Sharpton: It’s Dangerous Trump ‘Cult Worshippers’ Are Running the Government

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said the Republican National Convention showed that the Republican Party has turned into a cult of President Donald Trump on Friday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe.”

Sharpton believes this is dangerous because a “bunch of cult worshippers,” are in charge of the government.

Sharpton said, “I think this week showed that the Republican Party as we’ve known it, whether we’ve been part of it or those opposed to it, has gone from a political party to a cult of personality. We no longer have a Republican platform or party policies. We no longer have a set of ideas and a set of policies that they want to enact. We are guided by a personality who has made a bunch of cult worshippers, the party leaders, and the members of the cabinet. The danger is they are in charge of the government. To see one of the two major parties in this country reduced to a cult around a person who changes their mind and their stories any moment is at really, really levels of high danger.”

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