Herschel Walker: Out of Town Rioters Deserve ‘Federal Time’; Says Dems Want ‘Chaos’ to Win Election

Former NFL star Herschel Walker this week posted a video to Twitter calling for strict penalties for out of town rioters and looters amid the ongoing unrest across the country.

The 1982 Heisman winner on Thursday spoke with FNC’s “Fox & Friends” about his video and doubled down by saying the rioters and looters deserve “federal time” for their crimes. Walker also suggested Democrats want the “chaos” to continue leading up to the 2020 election to get their party’s nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, elected.

“We can’t grow through violence,” Walker advised. “And I think some people want this violence to continue until the election. And you know, you heard Vice President Biden say that if he don’t get elected, then this violence will continue, and it seemed like a threat to me. And I said, guys, people have to know the truth. We cannot … support the men and women in blue. That’s the honest truth. We cannot. We have to support those. They are the reason we are the best country in the world.”

Walker was asked about the people “wrecking cities in the name of racial justice.”

“Those are outsiders,” he replied. “That’s one reason I posted another video because I said wait a minute, I pay state and federal taxes. So, these outsiders that are coming into a city that’s destroying a business, destroying people’s lives, why don’t they get federal time? You know, I’m paying federal taxes, why don’t they get federal time?”

“You know, people don’t want to come to reality that right now — and I don’t want to talk picking out a party — but the Democratic Party don’t want no normalcy, I don’t think. They don’t want normalcy. They want things to continue until the election because that’s the way they want to win the election — through all of this chaos.”

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