Cotton: ‘No Chance’ Neera Tanden Is Confirmed — ‘She Might as Well Step Aside or Joe Biden Might as Well Withdraw Her’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) outright dismissed the possibility of Neera Tanden, Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget, being confirmed to the post.

Cotton argued Tanden should step aside or have Biden withdraw her nomination.

“Well, the problem with Neera Tanden is not so much her tweets. It’s her radical liberal ideas,” he said. “Neera Tanden has no chance of being confirmed. This is a woman who wants Congress to hold up coronavirus relief for the American people so we can give checks to illegal immigrants. There is no chance Neera Tanden is going to be confirmed. She might as well step aside, or Joe Biden might as well withdraw her and go back to the drawing board.”

Cotton also added Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen to the list of problematic Biden nominations, which he said indicated a larger policy problem.

“Janet Yellen, again, helped preside over a low-growth, stagnant economy that didn’t create the kind of jobs and wages that working-class Americans need. It’s just another example of how the — Joe Biden is going back to the Obama-Biden era when we’re going to have more taxes and more regulations and not have a government that works with and stands beside the American people. But rather, one that tries to ride the back of the American people with one-size-fits-all policies coming from Washington.”

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