Conan O'Brien Keeps the Faux Fox News' 'Communist Muppets' Meme Alive and Kicking

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if those rascally Fox News types blasted the beloved Muppets as Communists?

Kermit the frog is green, not red, Bill O’Reilly!

The folks over at The Huffington Post turned a sensible critique of how the new “Muppets” movie maligns the oil industry into an attack on Fox News. And, wouldn’t you know it, a late night talker took the bait.

Conan O’Brien was only too happy to keep the dishonest story alive on last night’s episode of his TBS talker “Conan.”

Why not trot out a few late night gags rather than address the real issue – children’s movies repeatedly peddle left-of-center messages to viewers? And if you think that doesn’t have an impact, you haven’t been around a toddler recently. They absorb everything.

This is how the liberal pop culture network operates. One bit of misinformation is fed into the system, and suddenly comedians are using it as joke fodder. The regular viewers just think it’s Fox News being it’s usual crazy self, a notion unfairly created by the press in the first place.

After all, isn’t it worth discussing what messages are being implanted in kiddie programming? Why would George Miller, the director of two “Happy Feet” films, go out of his way to insert environmental themes into his films if they had no effect?

The Left and its media allies would rather stifle that conversation rather than let audiences consider the consequences for themselves.


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