Kamala Harris Has Trouble Defining Vice President’s Job in ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Appearance

NEW YORK - MAY 22: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Sen. Kamala Harris during
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Battling persistently low approval ratings across party lines, Vice President Kamala Harris (D) appeared Wednesday on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the latest attempt to burnish her public image.  But Harris stumbled badly when she seemed either unable or unwilling to define the vice president’s job.

During the awkward exchange, host Stephen Colbert asked Harris to explain “what is the actual role on a daily basis” of the vice president.

Harris avoided answering the question by praising President Joe Biden (D). “Well, I have the great privilege of serving with Joe Biden, who is president of the United States,” she said to thunderous applause from the studio audience.”Right! Right! Exactly right. Exactly right.”

She added: “And was vice president.”

Colbert replied: “Does he understand what it’s like to be vice president?”

“He does. He does. And he really is a true partner and he understands the job,” Harris replied. “Remember, we came in at the height of the pandemic. And so, so much of the work was about, okay, we’ve got to cover a lot of bases and let’s figure out how between us how we can do it.”

She continued: “But he’s an extraordinary leader and I wish people could see what I see. Because there’s only one person who sits behind that resolute desk. And the decisions that person has to make are the decisions that nobody else in the country can make and he’s an extraordinary leader.”

Despite another round of enthusiastic audience applause, Colbert didn’t let Harris off the hook: “That’s an excellent answer. And the question was, what is the job of the vice president?”

Colbert joked, “And your answer is part of the job, I’m guessing.”

Watch below:

Still avoiding the question, Harris then launched into an anecdote about her appearance at the recent Munich Security Conference where she declared that Russia has committed crimes against humanity. Again, the studio audience whooped its approval.

As Breitbart News reported, a poll last year found that Vice President Kamala Harris’s approval rating has sunk 18 net points lower than President Joe Biden’s. Only 28 percent approve of Harris, while 62 percent disapprove. In contrast, Joe Biden’s approval rating is 39 percent with 55 percent disapproving.

Harris’ public image took another blow more recently when Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) stopped short of endorsing a Biden-Harris ticket for 2024. The vice president is reportedly refusing to take Warren’s calls following the comments.

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