'Intelligent' UKIP Poster Parody Actually Backs UKIP's Position… If You Bother Reading the Report

'Intelligent' UKIP Poster Parody Actually Backs UKIP's Position… If You Bother Reading the Report

One parody of UKIP’s recent poster that has received a lot of attention over the past 24 hours is this: 

The authors and sharers on Twitter want to hammer home the point: Immigration is good. UKIP is racist. Ignorance is strength

But when you actually READ the report cited, you’re met with some information that actually seems to back the UKIP position, not undermine it.

The Centre for Entrepreneurs (A Legatum Institute organisation) and DueDil report that 14 percent of all UK companies are formed by foreign nationals. This, the Twittersphere claims, trashes UKIP’s poster claiming that jobs are stolen by foreigners, not created by them. This assumes that most/many/all? of these companies actually include anyone but the founder. But even if they do, where do these foreign nationals come from?

Well, out of the 464,527 migrant entrepreneurs in the UK, the top 5 nationalities are, in descending order: 

1. Irish 

2. Indian 

3. German 

4. American

5. Chinese 

But Britain doesn’t need the European Union to trade with Ireland. India isn’t in the EU. Germany is our largest trading partner. America… not in the EU, and nor is China.

Additionally, the report’s own polling declares that 66 percent of Brits believe that there are “too many immigrants” in Britain, and 92 percent want immigration decreased or kept at its current level – both which would not be possible with the UK-EU status quo.

So while critics decry UKIP’s immigration policy, they should try and remember exactly what the party stands for. It is not anti-immigration. It is for smart immigration. Immigration from the countries listed above, rather than pure open border with the EU. UKIP’s European Elections manifesto states: 

“Outside the EU, we can manage our borders and decide who we want to come and live and work in the UK. EU rules stop us from doing this.

“On leaving the EU, the UK will keep the trade agreements we entered as an EU member prior to the Lisbon Treaty. Outside the EU, we can negotiate our own trade deals, but be in a stronger position, as we will be negotiating in the British interest.”

The Twitter parody poster now seems like it reaffirms UKIP’s position, given where entrepreneurs are coming from. The report from the Centre for Entrepreneurs and DueDil should really have a UKIP logo on it.

UKIP candidate Gawain Towler told Breitbart London: “It is of course our membership of the EU that means that the only way the government can cut migration, as it has committed to, is by targeting non-EU nationals. According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs report, this results in the UK cutting off its nose to spite it’s face. 

“UKIP wants to see a level playing field in migration, where people from all over the world have the same right to enter the UK, rather than skewing the pitch to exclude the Anglsophere and the Commonwealth in favour of EU nationals. We are all the losers from this policy”.