Half A Million Migrants Living Under The Radar In Germany

Million Migrants

An interim report from the German interior ministry has finally put an estimate on the number of migrants believed to have slipped past border security at 500,000.

The new 500,000 figure represents how many migrants are thought to be living in Germany day to day without any knowledge of the state whatsoever, reports Bild. Those listed on the estimate are those who have managed to slip past border patrols, never have their identities checked at a migrant camp, and are living without receiving any sort of state benefit, health care, or education.

The majority of these 500,000 undocumented illegals circulating in Germany are only able to survive by crime, reports Kronen Zeitung. The figures reveal the enormous size of the German underworld where illegal foreigners are able to live without any interaction with the state, or respect for a nation’s laws whatsoever.

The figures come in a leaked interim report from the Interior Ministry ofThomas de Maizière, who moved to protect the reputation of the government and called the report “absurd”.

A ministry source said of the number that “Many migrants do not register with the authorities for fear of being rejected”, yet many apparently do so with the intention of living a life of crime.

These figures come months after Breitbart London reported on the German government’s inadvertent admission that they had totally lost track of how many migrants were in the country.

Responding to a question by a Green member of parliament on how many migrants were presently at Germany’s initial reception centres — the processing camps at the nation’s southern borders — a government spokesman said they had “no overall view of the number”.

Not only did the government not know how many migrants were at that time inside the state-run camps, but they also did not know exactly how many had passed through in the past. After being received by the camps the migrants were then dispersed to the German states for resettlement — or to move on to another northern European country, depending on the whim of the migrant.

The government spokesman, Member of Parliament and Secretary of State for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Ole Schröder, admitted the government was equally clueless on how many migrants the states had forced on them. He said the government did “not know how many people were distributed by the initial reception to the municipalities”.

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