Soros Leaks: IRA Bomber on ‘Reliable MEPS’ Ally List

Billionaire George Soros litens to remarks by Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Tunisi
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Leaks from billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) have revealed the group has a list of MEPs it considers “reliable allies” which includes IRA bomber Martina Anderson. Documents show the NGO, which works worldwide to mould government policies, set up “informal groups” of MEPs to advance the hedge fund manager’s goals.

A paper released in the dump of thousands of hacked internal documents entitled “reliable allies in the European Parliament 2014-19″ revealed the OSF sought to build closer links with 226 MEPs they believe share some of the group’s interests. Among the British MEPs listed is IRA terrorist Martina Anderson who was arrested alongside Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.  Anderson was arrested twice and convicted for causing, and planning to cause, explosions.

The list also featured Tory MEPs as likely Soros allies. Nearly all of these are either women or people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Among the goals the paper states it wants to further in Europe are the hedge fund manager’s open borders agenda, enlargement of the European Union and criminal justice reform.

The document notes that Sinn Féin MEP Anderson has been “arrested twice and convicted for causing an explosion, and planning to cause explosions; released from prison under the Good Friday Agreement (1998).”

Anderson has repeatedly agitated for limitless migration to Europe. In a press release, the Irish republican stated: “The solution to the humanitarian crisis is not the closing of borders, the building of walls or sinking of boats. The solution is creating safe and legal avenues for refugees and asylum seekers and working towards the de-escalation of violence in the various regions.”

Calling for open borders, the Northern Irish representative said migrants in Calais “are not “invading hordes.” They are people desperately trying to escape death”.

Migrants in Calais have taken increasingly violent measures in their quest to reach the UK. Recently, people driving through the port town have been threatened by migrants wielding chainsaws, and ‘jungle’ residents have burned debris on the road to slow lorries down in order to break into them. The latter act seems to be a popular tactic of people native to Africa and the Middle East, as it’s a problem also faced by French bus drivers in suburbs in with large numbers of migrants.

The leaked Open Society Foundations documents were posted to the website DC Leaks on Saturday.


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