EU Prez Juncker: ‘Borders Are The Worst Invention Ever’


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has declared that “Borders are the worst invention ever made” in an anti-nationhood speech at the Alpbach European Forum in Austria.

Speaking this weekend, Mr. Juncker – who is still reeling from the defeat of his pro-European Union (EU) lobby in the UK’s Brexit referendum – quoted former French president Francois Mitterrand, who once declared: “we have to fight against nationalism”.

“Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians,” he said, adding that solidarity should be offered to refugees, according to the Alpbach website.

Lamenting the Brexit result, he said: “In the concentration of globalisation and European problems, we must not lose our way”.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister Theresa May told the Telegraph: “This is not something the prime minister agrees with” with reference to Mr. Juncker’s comments about borders.

Meanwhile, European national leaders including Angela Merkel, Mateo Renzi, and Francois Hollande are meeting to discuss the fallout from Brexit.

Pro-EU leaders are also beginning to show the first signs of panic about the outcome of the forthcoming Hungarian referendum on EU migrant quotas set to take place on October 2nd.

Hungarians will be asked via the plebiscite: “Do you want to allow the European Union to mandate the resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without the approval of the National Assembly?”

Already, pro-EU news outlets like Politico are publishing opinion pieces by George Soros staffers from the Open Society Foundation proclaiming the referendum to be a “potemkin village”.

Goran Buldioski wrote: “The Association of Telecommunications, Electronics and IT companies recently reported a shortage of 22,000 information technology specialists across the country”, implying that thousands of Syrian, Eritrean, Somalian, Iraqi, and Afghan migrants would somehow be able to fill these job roles.

Opinion polls show that around 70 per cent of the country is set to vote against the EU mandates.

October 2nd will also see the re-run of the Austrian election after electoral fraud kept Austrian nationalist Norbet Hofer away from the country’s presidency. He – another opponent of EU migrant policies – is likely to win.


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