‘It’s Not Just Tunisians Who Know How to Bomb’: Illegal Migrant’s Chilling Christmas Threat to Italy


“We will make your children pay”, a Senegalese man told terrified passengers on a Genoa bus on Christmas Eve, warning that African migrants will bomb the city.

The 38 year old Muslim migrant promised that Africans will launch a terror assault in Italy and, appearing to refer to the Berlin terror attack last Monday, in which an Islamist ploughed a truck into a crowd of people at a Christmas market, he warned: “We will put a bomb here in Genoa, so it will be a happy Christmas for you too”

“We will make your children pay everything. It’s not just the Tunisians who know how to do those things”, the migrant said. Passengers panicked as the African continued to issue similar bomb threats and warnings until police, summoned by the driver, arrived at the scene.

Alarmed to see officers boarding the vehicle, the migrant stammered “Police… M-merry Christmas to you too”. In addition to menacing and verbally abusing passengers and the driver, he lashed out at police and repeatedly slammed his head and feet into the bus windows.

The African was arrested for resisting the police, and referred to the judicial authorities for interrupting a public service. Investigations revealed that the man had already been arrested on several occasions. Although he’s an illegal immigrant with a record of aggravated robbery, magistrates left the Senegal native free to roam the city, requiring him only to provide a signature.

The incident was reported to Italy’s counterterrorism agency, which has now launched further investigations into the illegal immigrant.

Italy has so far avoided terror attacks like those seen in France, Belgium, Britain and Germany. But migrants dissatisfied with everything from the amount of pocket money from taxpayers, the food hotels serve and the clothes that charities give them, to not being provided with a personal television in each bedroom, have vowed “revenge” on the Italian people.

In November, Africans rioted and terrorised the residents of Turin, in protest at not being given a “decent life” by taxpayers. “You Italians — tell your children that we are not dogs. Keep them quiet because our patience will end sooner or later,” one warned.

Another cheered the Bataclan massacre in which 89 people were murdered, hailing it as a “revenge of the excluded”. “One dead of ours [Africans], one death of yours,” he cried.

Beppe Grillo, founder of Italy’s populist Five Star Movement, has called for half a million illegal migrants be immediately expelled from the country following the terror attack in Berlin.

“Those who have asylum can stay in Italy, but all the irregulars must be repatriated now, started from today. Now is the moment for us to protect ourselves,” he wrote in a blog post.


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