75 Percent of Spanish Cannabis Contains Human Faeces

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Justin Tang/Canadian Press via AP

A new study by a Spanish pharmacologist has revealed traces of human faeces in the vast majority of the cannabis sold on the streets of Madrid, Spain, and that it presents a very real health danger.

Manuel Pérez Moreno released his findings in the journal Science Direct and claimed to have found Escherichia coli bacteria, commonly known as E. Coli, in the vast majority of the 90 samples he had purchased off the street and tested, broadcaster RTL reports.

According to Moreno, the presence of E. Coli can be explained as being related to the faecal matter contained within the cannabis.

How the human excrement got into the drugs was explained by Moreno. He said that it had to do with the way the drugs were being smuggled into Spain, saying that many drug mules put the cannabis in plastic bags which they swallow and then defecate the drugs out when they arrive in Spain.

Along with E. Coli, Moreno found traces of the fungus Aspergillus in samples, which can cause death if not treated properly.

E. Coli outbreaks in the United States occurred last year due to contaminated romaine lettuce, even leading to the death of a person last May.

Earlier this week, health officials at the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) claimed they were investigating yet another E. Coli outbreak, with 72 people being reported sick in five separate states.

Drug trafficking often goes hand in hand with people trafficking, with international gangs and organised mafia groups having their hands in both.

Last December, the Spanish government arrested a group of 42 North Africans and seized 3.25 metric tonnes of hashish during the operation. Five boats and five other vehicles used to help transport drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar were also seized.

The drug trade has claimed many victims in Europe, including 16-year-old Italian Desirée Mariottini who died of an overdose after being sexually abused, allegedly by three migrant men, last October.

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