Delingpole: UK Parliament Rebrands with Wokest Logo Evah

Parliament new logo
Getty Images

Britain’s parliament has rebranded itself with possibly the wokest logo evah: a rainbow flag which invokes simultaneously the racial harmony of South Africa, the quiet dignity of Black Lives Matter, the modest restraint of the transgender movement, the subtlety of LGBTQ and the scientific and economic integrity of the green movement – all in one multicoloured vomiting splurge of rainbow-hued diversity.

The lockdown-afflicted economy may be a basket case; the government may be a dead-administration-walking led by blond-mopped serial shagging zombie who has finally been found out; the Conservatives may have surrendered every last joint of ideological backbone to the forces of Social Justice, identity politics and weaponised resentment.

But never let it be said that if you were a gay, transgender, BLM-supporting unicorn who was also an activist for Extinction Rebellion, that this isn’t EXACTLY the logo you would have chosen to rebrand Britain.


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