Spanish Populist Warns of Jihadist Elements Among Afghan Refugees

TOPSHOT - People gather around a Taliban flag as they wait for relatives released from jai
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A senior member of the Spanish populist party Vox has wanted of the potential threat from Jihadist extremists among Afghan refugees after the Taliban released prisoners across the country.

Vox vice president Jorge Buxadé spoke Tuesday on the issue of settling Afghan migrants in Spain saying, “We must be very strict with the entry control of all those who intend to seek refuge or legal residence in Spain.”

Buxadé made his comments in response to reports that both the UK and France have accidentally taken in individuals deemed to be security risks during operations to evacuate people from Afghanistan in recent days.

The Vox vice president stated that the Spanish government has a duty to protect the safety of its citizens and stated, “The Taliban have released all the prisons in Afghanistan, where there were from common prisoners to followers of ISIS, Al Qaeda, radical Islamists and jihadists of all kinds.”

“What makes common sense is that we be very strict in controlling entry and guarantee that in no case will asylum be granted to anyone who may constitute a threat to national security and public order itself,” he added.

He added that Europe and Spain have “zero integration capacity” for Afghan migrants and that they should instead relocate to Muslim countries in the region around Afghanistan,

His comments come after ox leader Santiago Abascal suggested that refugees should be settled in Muslim countries earlier this month.

“Afghans fleeing Taliban terror must be welcomed in neighbouring Muslim countries. Although, the consensus of progressive politicians will now claim that it is the Europeans who should suffer the consequences of their mistakes and their betrayals,” Abascal said.

Several other populists in Europe have slammed the Afghan crisis and have singled out the United States President Joe Biden over his role.

French National Rally leader Marine Le Pen spoke out on the issue saying, “The United States under Biden’s administration is demonstrating its inability to defend, and therefore represent the interests of, the free world.”

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