How the West Will Be Won in 2014

How the West Will Be Won in 2014

If you were to pick up a newspaper anywhere in California, you would think that the 2014 race for governor was over and decided. You would think that Jerry Brown had begun serving his thirteenth year as governor of a state enjoying an economic recovery the likes of which it has never seen. 

However, the bad news is that Jerry Brown will still be our governor till at least November 4th; the good news is they’ll never see us coming

The question of the 2014 election is not whether we will be ruled by the right or the left, but whether the California GOP will step into the fray of the governor’s race and take a stand for Right over Wrong

With half the Democrats either under indictment or on their way to prison, it’s hard not to see the perfect storm that is beginning to take shape for the 2014 elections. A culture of corruption is being exposed, and is fracturing the stranglehold of one-party rule in Sacramento. 

When combined with the series of bewildering mistakes such as Common Core, Covered California, Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA 5), and the co-ed bathroom bill (AB 1266), the GOP could easily rain on Jerry Brown’s victory parade. 

Further, the irony is that the Democrats could lose power over the issue that they have owned for decades: education

One tenet of the California dream has always been that every Californian would have a fair shot at a spot in college. SCA 5 denies a place earned by merit in favor of an application that has a check in the “color” box. By supporting SCA 5, Democrats have provoked strong dissent from the Asian-American population, and awakened a sleeping dragon. This demographic makes up 14% of the electorate, and were originally voting Democrat. Now, they are mobilizing against the Democrats and are registering as Republican in droves. 

Upon hearing of this bill I wrote a letter to the author, State Senator Ed Hernandez, and demanded that he pull SCA 5 because it is nothing less than state-sponsored discrimination. I was not prepared for how quickly word spread through the Chinese and larger Asian community, and in fact the Chinese community leaders were calling it the new Chinese Exclusion Act. Less than 10 days after I wrote that letter, the bill was pulled and shelved for the time being. 

The Democrats, who usually do not compound their mistakes, have made it clear that they plan on bringing it back in 2016, and will ensure that the Asian-American exodus continues.  

California is home to some of the top educational institutions of this nation, and Jerry Brown and his party have created wrongs not only in higher education, but in K-12 as well. By agreeing to implement the untested national curriculum of Common Core, Jerry Brown is dumbing down the educational standards, particularly in math. This threatens to take California even further in the wrong direction, and solidifies Brown’s record of taking this state from first to last during his reign that began almost 40 years ago. What California needs is not Common Core: it’s Common Sense education reform

Not only has Brown created havoc in California’s education system, but by signing AB 1266 he has also stolen the inherent right of privacy from the most innocent of our citizenry: our children. Republicans have an incredible opportunity to become the advocate for the small voices, and the patriot for the bewildered parents. 

I was a speaker at a gathering of almost 300 parents who represented the demographic that Republicans have long been trying to win. A 39-year-old Hispanic woman approached me with tears in her eyes and committed to do everything in her power to help me win.

All we need to do is become the champion of the people, on the issues that affect them at the heart level. There will be no shortage of such issues in 2014. From Obamacare that is costing people their jobs and their choice in healthcare, to the bathroom bill that has become the greatest threat to our children’s privacy, to the myriad of regulations oppressing opportunity and driving record numbers of Californians to seek the “Californian Dream” anywhere but California. 

When the government becomes the greatest threat to the very rights it was sworn to protect, that is tyranny in any language. We can unite a divided majority that is California against a government that wants to control us rather than itself. 

As for me and my campaign, we intend to reconnect with the people and restore their faith in the American dream–of living free and pursuing happiness–by getting the government out of their way. It starts right here in California in 2014. 

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Assemblyman Tim Donnelly