NSA Whistleblower Really a Double Agent?

NSA Whistleblower Really a Double Agent?

Although Edward Snowden claims to be but a NSA whistleblower who is sick of the way the system works, Fox News reports on what appears to be a “growing backlash against the former NSA contractor.” 

This is leading to a crucial question–Is Snowden a whistleblower or is he, by chance, a double agent?

For example, Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, thinks there are good chances Snowden is playing for more than one side. 

Chang says this is evident in the fact that Snowden went to Hong Kong, which has an extradition agreement with the U.S. “That means, the only thing between him and a lifetime in a super-max prison is Beijing.”

He said another telling aspect is the way Snowden revealed alleged U.S. cyber attacks on China “right before President Obama met with new Chinese President Xi Jinping.” Moreover, Chang believes Snowden’s time in Hawaii is something that can provide answers in this situation, especially when you think that this is “where we do our surveillance of China.”

29-year old Snowden fled to Hong Kong with “a batch of classified material he allegedly stole form the NSA.” He claims his conscience drove him to report the “massive surveillance machine the U.S. government is secretly building.”

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