Yemen Wants U.S. Drones to Combat Al Qaeda

Yemen Wants U.S. Drones to Combat Al Qaeda

Yemeni president Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi is asking the Obama administration to provide Yemen with armed drones to use against Al Qaeda forces “based in the southern part of the country.”

According to The Hill, Hadi said: “I have discussed the issue of helping us acquire this technology with the U.S. administration.”

Southern Yemen has been a stronghold for Al Qaeda affiliate AQAP for some time. 

Hadi says he has approved U.S. drone strikes in Yemen but added that his own troops are ready to conduct strikes themselves if the U.S. can provide “the aircraft and munitions.” 

Iraq has inquired about the possibility of using of U.S. drones against Al Qaeda affiliates within its borders as well.

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