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Kurds Recapture 'Strategically Important' Hill West of Kobane

Kurds Recapture 'Strategically Important' Hill West of Kobane

Kurdish fighters going against ISIS say they have recaptured “strategically important” Tall Shair hill on Syria’s border with Turkey, just west of Kobane. 

Tall Shair hill “is about 2.5 miles to the west of Kobane and near an informal border crossing.”

According to BBC News, ISIS captured Tall Shair nearly two weeks ago, but the Kurds were able to retake it following recent US-led airstrikes. 

The US military released a statement indicating that airstrikes did destroy a number “of [ISIS] buildings and military vehicles.” But they warned that “the situation remains fluid,” and that ISIS “is still attempting to gain territory.” If the militants gain control of Kobane, they will have a large portion of the Syrian/Turkish border under their control as well. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) estimates that ISIS controls “about half” of the city of Kobane. 

On October 9, Breitbart News reported that thousands of Kurds had taken to social media to implore President Obama to step up airstrikes to help prevent Kobane from falling to ISIS. This followed earlier reports that Kurdish inhabitants of Kobane feared they will be massacred if ISIS is able to capture the city. 

Thus far, ISIS has been very successful in capturing territory–including hundreds of villages–near the Turkish border in northern Syria. 

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