Military, Intelligence Community Fires Back At CIA ‘Torture’ Report

Military, Intelligence Community Fires Back At CIA ‘Torture’ Report

Several members of the intelligence community and military have fired back against the Democrat-led CIA “torture” report, with former high-ranking officials, officers, and operators describing the document as one that is “partisan” “one-sided,” will offer our enemies critical knowledge, and “treasonous.”

CIA Director John Brennan said Tuesday that “The intelligence gained from the [enhanced interrogation] program was critical to our understanding of Al Qaeda and continues to inform our counterterrorism efforts to this day,” reported Breitbart’s Edwin Mora. Although he was appointed by President Obama, who supported the report’s release, the CIA director met the report with total condemnation.

Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who has trained U.S. special forces operators on how to interview jihadist radicals, said Wednesday that the report’s release was a partisan act that may have turned over valuable information to America’s enemies. “We can rest assured that ISIS, Al Qaeda, and even Tehran and Russia will be poring over the 500-plus pages too,” said Dr. Gorka, who stressed that “Preventing another 9/11 is not a partisan issue.”

Former CIA director Michael Hayden wrote an op-ed in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, describing the enhanced interrogation measures as a “Home Depot-like storage of inofrmation on Al Qaeda on which we relied… We are still relying on it today.” Hayden added that the report was a “one-sided study” and a “partisan” attack.

Another former CIA Director, James Woolsey, described the Democrat-released CIA report as a “great disservice” to America.

Greg West, a former 21 year US Army Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant who now runs the ISIS Study Group, told Breitbart News regarding the CIA torture report: “Why release the details of a report that your administration specifically states will put lives in jeopardy? Not only American lives, but also the lives of those that have worked with the US intelligence community–and not only the CIA’s sources and other connections?”

Sgt. West explained, “Having spent 21 years in US Army Special Forces I can assure that intelligence regardless of who gathers it is not always right. It must be corroborated if at all possible with other sources and outside a particular source pool if possible.”

He concluded, “Bottom line, there was no rational explanation for releasing a report you know increases the danger to your citizens as well as the citizens of foreign countries. You also alienate other intelligence agencies that cooperated with the United States.”

Retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who served in special operations and intelligence units, told Newsmax TV that the report’s release was a treasonous act and political “pornography” for the purpose of satisfying those critical of America. “The real torture… severing of arms and legs and heads… harm[ing] a child. That’s torture,” said Shaffer.