ISIS Video Features Footage from a Drone

ISIS Video Features Footage from a Drone

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadist terrorist group has released a video allegedly recorded by a surveillance drone, raising questions as to their technological abilities in the area filmed, Kobani.

The images show wreckage in Kobani from the air and terrorists fighting on the ground against the Kurdish forces in the important border town. One expert told FOX News that, despite the video, there is little indication the Islamic State will weaponize the drone.

“The production values are good, but any military person can recognize the phoniness and amateurishness,” said retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. “For the average Middle Easterner or punk, though, the video would be convincing. It all looks good to some jihadi wannabe, but a U.S. Marine would wet his pants–laughing.”

No one has confirmed or verified the video, which a branch from the terrorist group in Aleppo, Syria, released on YouTube. Numerous accounts associated with the Islamic State shared the video on Facebook and Twitter. The Daily Mail compared the video to a video game. The men run through the battered streets of Kobani with gunfire in the background. The camera focuses on particular destroyed buildings, and a caption states a suicide bombing took place there. Peters mentioned the fighting “is obviously staged, and the shooters depicted are aiming their weapons improperly.”

The jihadist group recently showed off a drone they captured in Iraq. The words on the drone are in English, which means it is from America “or one provided to the Iraqi army by the United States.” The Elbit Skylark drone takes pictures while in flight for 25 miles at a time.