ISIS Executes 22-Year-Old Woman for ‘Disparaging’ Them on WhatsApp

Crying Women Reuters

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London, a 22-year-old woman in the Syrian city of Deir al-Ezzor was imprisoned for two months and then executed by the Islamic State for speaking “disrespectfully” about the “caliphate” on the WhatsApp social media platform.

According to a report at International Business TimesISIS thugs took the woman from the home she shared with her parents and brother, telling the family they had discovered a WhatsApp conversation in which the woman, her brother, and another man “disparaged” the Islamic State. The report does not say what happened to the victim’s brother or the other man involved in the online conversation.

IBT reports that ISIS has banned Internet access in the Deir al-Ezzor province to “suppress the flow of information,” and has imposed rules to “prevent media and human rights activists from reporting on the atrocities by the terrorist group against civilians.”

In other ISIS execution news, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports nine men and a 15-year-old boy were executed in the cities of Homs and Aleppo for being gay on Monday.