Islamic State Murders Journalists by Turning Cameras, Laptops into Bombs

Islamic State Murders Journalists by Turning Cameras and Laptops into Bombs

When the Islamic State declares a “media war,” it means the kind of war that comes with a body count. Upset by news coverage of its war effort in Syria, ISIS executed a number of captive journalists by packing their cameras and laptops with explosives, in addition to the usual throat-cuttings.

As the UK Daily Mail describes the latest snuff film from the Islamic State, one journalist is handcuffed to a metal railing, with his booby-trapped camera hanging around his neck. The bomb is then detonated to carry out his execution.

“Another media activist was executed in the same way but with a laptop while a third was tied to a metal door before being choked with an iron chain,” the Daily Mail reports. “A fourth journalist has his throat cut by a knife-wielding executioner while a fifth is slaughtered with a ‘sharp object’ according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based activist group, said the five journalists murdered by ISIS were kidnapped in October. The Islamic State is said to be angry at their coverage of the battle for Deir el-Zour in eastern Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has instructed other activists to “refrain from taking photos or shooting video in ISIS-held areas,” fearing for their safety.

The full video is elaborate as well as explicit, as it reportedly depicts the hostage journalists describing and re-enacting their “media crimes” before they are executed. They are also made to recite propaganda during their pre-execution interviews, such as asserting that ISIS is “supported by Allah, so they cannot be defeated.”

According to the Daily Mail’s translation, the narrator of the execution video says “journalists who report on ISIS may be targeted, even if they reside in Europe.” Images of the Eiffel Tower and Times Square devastated by bomb blasts are included.

The video, entitled “Inspirations of Satan,” is such a big deal for the Islamic State that it was preceded by a “teaser trailer,” just like a Hollywood movie. The full 15-minute video, which includes EXTREMELY GRAPHIC footage of several violent murders, has been posted by