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Palin: Lee, Cruz Flushing Out Politicians Hiding Behind Symbolic Obamacare Votes

Palin: Lee, Cruz Flushing Out Politicians Hiding Behind Symbolic Obamacare Votes

On Monday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went on Fox News and discussed her exclusive Breitbart News op-ed in which she described Senators like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) as flushing dogs for the conservative grassroots. She described them as such because they exposed Republican politicians who were not living up to their campaign promises to fight against Obamacare with all their might. 

On the debut of Gretchen Carlson’s Real Story, Palin said the term applies to Cruz, Lee, and others who flush out politicians in the woods who are “hiding behind symbolic votes that don’t mean anything instead of fight for Americans.” Palin said they understand the “soaring costs” and the “huge government intervention” that would result from Obamacare, which she said would “suffocate enterprise and industry” and “decimate” America’s middle class.

She emphasized that those like Cruz and Lee “get up there and make these politicians, in this case, come out from hiding and stand tall and fight for what’s right.”

In her op-ed, Palin emphasized that there will be consequences for politicians that Cruz and Lee have flushed out, writing that “2014 is just around the corner, and we’re ready for it. Support those who do us a favor by flushing out politicians wanting to hide. Retrieving liberty must be the point in all this.”

Palin said on Fox News that had Republicans been united in completely defunding and opposing Obamacare, that red-state Democrats may have been pressured to join the effort. 

She also said the country should not give up fighting Obamacare because, “We fight for what’s right.”

“We elect those like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee who are willing to stand firm and speak behalf of We the People,” Palin said. 

Conservatives in favor of defunding Obamacare have insisted that politicians who allowed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to insert an amendment that funded Obamcare into a short-term resolution that would fund the government by voting for cloture, which required 60 votes, before voting against that amendment, which required 51 votes to pass, should be held responsible for supporting Obamacare. 


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