Washington Post: Donald Trump’s Loyalty Pledge Means Almost Nothing

Donald Trump
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Chris Cillizza of the WaPo blog The Fix argues that since the RNC’s loyalty pledge for 2016 candidates isn’t legally binding, Donald Trump could–and might–ignore it anyway.

From the Washington Post:

GOP front-runner Donald Trump signed a formal pledge crafted by the Republican National Committee that he will not run for president as an independent if he doesn’t win the party’s nomination.

Which is fine. And a good thing for the RNC, which deserves credit for navigating the murky waters of Trumpworld.

But  there is absolutely no reason to think that simply by the act of signing this pledge, Trump will somehow be legally bound to not run as anything but a Republican in 2016. He won’t be.

This pledge is not, as my colleague Bob Costa notes, a legally binding document. It’s like the sort of pledge you get your kids to sign that they will do their homework, make their beds and eat their vegetables before they can play with your iPhone.  It’s a statement of intention, but not a binding one.

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