Meet the Townie Who Should be President of the University of Missouri

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The local man with the gut and the white tee-shirt stepped out of the crowd and strode toward the Black Lives Matter thugs who were blocking the car where the University president sat immobile, frozen, unable to move or even speak.

On the video, now gone viral, you can see the Black Lives Matter crowd standing in front of the president’s car in the University of Missouri homecoming parade, their arms locked, someone on a megaphone hectoring the crowd and him. In the video, you can see little children present, probably frightened at the anger and potential for violence unfolding right before their eyes.

Some in the crowd try to out-shout the protestors. They chant “Mizzou, Mizzou, Mizzou” but they are hardly heard above the incessant megaphone and soon give up.

Out of the crowd steps the townie with the gut and the white tee-shirt. He puts himself between the thugs and the car. He urges others to join him. The thugs push against him and he pushes back against the thugs. Others join him, white middle-aged ladies, townies also, not students, who lock arms with him, pushing back. They look frightened, but they do it anyway.

Shortly thereafter the police arrive, and move the Black Lives thugs from in the front of the car and off to the side of the street, where they are seen crying. They later claim falsely that acts of violence were committed against them.

The townie with the gut and the white tee-shirt is the only person who seems to know what to do with the Black Lives Matter crowd. He does something. While the president of the University sits frozen a few feet away, the townie does something. He organizes and pushes back and he wins.

In contrast, the university president not only didn’t do anything even when he was under assault, he later apologized for not getting out of the car and talking with them. The Black Lives Matter crowd later cited this as a reason he should be fired.

Because he is the only person on the whole campus who seems to know what to do in the present crisis, the only one who knows what to do with the Black Lives Matter crowd, the Board of Curators could do worse than to consider the townie with the gut and the white tee-shirt as the new president of the University of Missouri.

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