Exclusive — Gov. Mike Huckabee: Trump Will Win Because America’s Institutions ‘Have All Failed, and Miserably’

Republican presidential candidate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks at Inspired Grounds Cafe, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, in West Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

LAFAYETTE HILLS, Pennsylvania — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a former rival of 2016 GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump turned ardent supporter post-primary, told Breitbart News exclusively he expects a major Trump victory over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on election day on Tuesday.

Huckabee said in an interview on the way to a pro-Trump Super PAC Great America PAC bus tour event he was speaking at here:

I think Donald Trump is going to win and I think it’s going to be a shocking kind of victory. I think he is the Chicago Cubs of the political season. And it was just a few weeks ago that the smug pundits on television were saying he can’t win, that there was no path for him to win, and I can’t wait to walk the halls of Fox on Tuesday night when I’m there and go up to some of the people who were so adamant about it, so elitist about it, and just say to them ‘Gosh, I just got the results, and Trump won: What are we going to do about that?’ So, no, I felt that way even when his numbers were at their lowest between the Democratic convention and the whole Hollywood Access thing. I just heard talking to real people out there across this country that the intensity of support for him, the disgust with the corruption that the Clintons have purveyed for so many years with impunity, it’s got to come to an end.

Huckabee has been battling the Clintons—both Bill and Hillary—since their days in Arkansas when he was elected first to the Lieutenant Governor’s office then the governor’s office in the wake of Bill Clinton’s election to the White House in the 1992 presidential election. Hillary Clinton is facing her biggest scandals yet as the Clinton Foundation is under FBI investigation and the FBI has reopened the criminal investigation into her illicit home-brew email server that she set up in violation of State Department guidelines.

Meanwhile, Huma Abedin, her longtime aide, comes under the spotlight as Abedin’s now estranged husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, is under federal grand jury investigation for allegedly sending lewd messages to underage girls—a grand jury probe that led to the reopening of the email investigation after the discovery of a shared Abedin-Weiner laptop with hundreds of thousands of emails related to the Clinton email investigation, including, reportedly, previously undisclosed messages. Asked about all of this crashing down on the Clintons now, Huckabee was not surprised:

No surprises, other than just the sheer magnitude of it is a little bit stunning. When you have the Clintons shaking down foreign governments for hundreds of millions of dollars and enriching themselves to the tune of $150 million just in speaking fees—when it costs $100,000 to have a meeting with Bill Clinton and he’ll speak to your group for $750,000—you go through all of these amazing ways in which favors from the government were sold, access to the government was sold to the highest bidder. How anybody thinks that any person associated with that should ever be near the White House is frankly beyond me.

Huckabee’s message to Trump supporters across the nation is to seize the moment and make sure to vote. Huckabee said:

Don’t be weary and well-doing. This is the time to go and vote. And don’t let anything keep you from it. What I’m encouraged by is the Trump voters are very motivated voters. If it rains 16 inches on election day, they’re still going to go vote because they feel that their country is on the line. I don’t feel enthusiasm among Hillary voters. Quite frankly, I keep hearing about a great ground game she has, well she needs it because if she doesn’t give people a sandwich, a shot of whiskey and a ride to the polls, there’s nothing that’s all that exciting for them.

Huckabee added there is a clear enthusiasm gap that doesn’t show up in the polls. Huckabee said:

My gosh, when she does a rally, they got to pump oxygen into the room to keep people awake. It’s a very different kind of level of support that you see. On her part, it’s obligatory Democrats doing their party duty. For Trump, it’s a movement and it crosses gender racial socio-geographic lines. It obliterates normal political divisions, something I don’t the people sitting across the news desks in New York and Washington have yet to figure out. I’m absolutely convinced that they look at their poll numbers—and they look at each other—but they don’t leave that little bubble and get out and talk to people serving food, standing on concrete floors and lifting heavy things all day. They don’t listen to the people who have seen their homes foreclosed, their net worth destroyed, their pensions gone, and I’m telling you there’s a mood out there people are not in a mood to say ‘we’ve had a great eight years under Obama, let’s give ourselves four to eight more under Hillary.’

Huckabee also said that Trump’s populism on the core issues of trade and immigration is how he beats the political class and the very institutions themselves as the entire establishment has aligned against him. He went on to say:

Back in 2008, my message was ‘there’s a Washington to Wall Street axis of power.’ They win, and the rest of us lose. That was my primary message then, Donald Trump has certainly had a lot more attention with it. The trade deals haven’t helped the American worker. They’ve declined his wages. So has immigration. You mentioned the institutions—I’ll tell you I think most Americans believe that all of the major institutions of finance, media, government, entertainment, have all failed and miserably. The people at the center of those institutions have all done handsomely well. But the people who are supposed to be served by those institutions have been decimated. And so where the wealth of the few have increased dramatically, just the ability to exist on the part of most people has declined miserably.

With his prediction of a Trump victory—which seems more and more likely as the polls keep trending in his direction in the final days—Huckabee said that he is glad the Clintons will finally face justice for their actions.

“It’s not that I relish in their fall, but what I relish in is a country that has equal justice under the law, where some people don’t get away with selling off this country and its assets, violating every code of national security and protection of documents,” Huckabee said. “When I see decorated Marines like Gen. Cartwright indicted and probably going to go to prison for doing a fraction of what Hillary did, it makes my blood boil. I’m thinking this is just unbelievably wrong. You know, a sailor takes a photo of a nuclear sub—and he’s in prison right now. He didn’t take it to give it to the Russians or the Chinese or the Iranians, it was just a stupid mistake on the part of a 20-year-old kid. We’re seeing someone who is a Yale-educated lawyer, who has been in government—in and out of it—most of her life, who’s supposed to be one of the smart people. And her careless and cavalier way with national security would have put anybody else in prison. For her to be revealed as a person with contempt for the working class people, Catholics, Evangelicals, gun owners, people across this country, it’s just time that America say: ‘You’re never going to get near that White House.’”


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