Obama’s Organizing for Action Throws Fire Sale: 60% Off ‘Don’t Tread on My Obamacare’ Bumper Sticker

Obama’s Organizing for Action Throws Fire Sale: 60% Off ‘Don’t Tread on My Obamacare’ Bumper Sticker

President Obama’s campaign organization, Organizing for Action (OFA), is apparently gearing up to fight against a Donald Trump-led effort to repeal his signature take-over of America’s national health care system by offering fans a new cut-rate price on pro-Obamacare bumper stickers.

OFA is now hopefully offering their “Don’t Tread On My Obamacare” bumper stickers at the low price of $2 for a pack of four. That is 60 percent off the price seen only last month.

Speculation has run rampant in the national media on how, why, or even if Republicans will move to repeal Obamacare now that Donald Trump has won the White House. Trump campaigned on a full repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, and offered a series of different approaches to addressing some of Obamacare’s biggest problems.

But while the media continues to claim that record numbers of Americans are now insured because of the benefits of Obamacare, a more truthful look at the numbers finds a different story.

A recent review of the administration’s claim that over 20 million Americans have become insured thanks to the Affordable Care Act finds that Obama’s estimates are off by at least six million. And even at that, the numbers are misleading.

Obamacare is hardly the only thing Republicans, libertarians, and fiscal conservatives are hoping to see President Donald Trump repeal, cut, or eliminate. On December 14, the House Freedom Caucus released its “The First 100 Days: Rules, Regulations and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue” report with recommendations for a major change in Washington. The report targets more than 200 federal rules and regulations that President-Elect Trump could wipe off the books as soon as he takes office on Jan. 20.

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