Trump: ‘We Have a Really Terrific Healthcare Plan Coming Out’

Trump Fox and Friends

In a Tuesday morning interview with Fox & Friends, President Trump described Obamacare as a “disaster” and said the Republican replacement plan would be “terrific.” He did not commit to outlining this plan during his address to Congress on Tuesday night but promised the details would be coming soon.

“We have a really terrific, I believe, healthcare plan coming out. We have to understand Obamacare has been a disaster,” he said. “It’s way out of control, doesn’t work. We’re coming out with a healthcare plan that I think will be terrific. It’ll be very inclusive, and I think it’s going to do, really, what people are wanting it to do.”

Trump praised the cooperation he has enjoyed from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the difficult business of repealing and replacing Obamacare.

“Healthcare is a very complex subject,” he said. “If you do this, it affects nine different things. If you do that, it affects fifteen different things. I think we have a great plan, and I think Congress has absolutely taken a lot of blame, but it’s not their fault.”

“Don’t forget, I’ve only been here for like four weeks,” he pointed out. “Somebody said, ‘He hasn’t done healthcare!’ They’ve been working on healthcare for 30 years. I’ve only been here for, what is this, my fifth week? We’re set to propose a plan and I’ll be talking [about] it, as you know, tonight. We’re all set to do a plan, and I think it’s going to be something that’s really respected.”


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