FBI Arrests ‘Freedom Fighter Bandit’ Allegedly Linked to Nine Bank Robberies in Georgia

Freedom Fighter Bandit

The FBI announced Monday that they had arrested the “Freedom Fighter Bandit” allegedly linked to nine bank robberies in Georgia.

FBI agents in Atlanta, Georgia, took Nilsa Marie Urena, 25, into custody Saturday after she allegedly robbed a bank in Tennessee that day, Fox News reported.

Urena had been wanted for a series of bank robberies in the Atlanta area that began in October.

“She’s been dubbed the ‘Freedom Fighter Bandit’ because whenever she goes in, she passes a note or tells the teller that she’s robbing the bank for some social cause,” Atlanta FBI spokesman Kevin Rowson told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Rowson did not specify what social cause she allegedly robbed the banks for.

Urena’s alleged bank-robbing spree began on October 30 in Ellenwood.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Urena, dressed in black from head-to-toe and wearing black sunglasses, passed a bank teller a note demanding money “for the movement” and “for the streets.”

She would claim to have a bomb, but did not use a gun to threaten her victims, police say.

The “Freedom Fighter Bandit” also reportedly used several young males she recruited online as accomplices.

Police arrested two of the suspected accomplices in connection with a January 19 robbery in Loganville, Georgia, but FBI officials say the suspects did not give the authorities enough information to capture Urena.

Authorities have not yet released information on Urena’s charges.


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