Miami-Based Surgeon Proudly Advertises Transgender Surgeries on TikTok

Getty Images/Johner Images
Getty Images/Johner Images

One Miami-based surgeon is proudly advertising transgender surgeries on the communist China-influenced app TikTok, as the radical left continues in its not-so-subtle efforts to groom children both in the classrooms and on social media.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher is a Miami-based surgeon who specializes in transgender surgeries, including male-to-female (MTF), female-to-male (FTM), and non-binary (NB). She boasts over 271k followers with 7.3 million likes on the platform. 

Her page contains dozens of videos advertising her expertise in surgically altering an individual to appear as their desired sex. Many of her latest videos focus on questions related to top and bottom surgery:

In one video, posted August 22, she answers a question on how to “masculinize” a confused female’s torso. 

“The most common way we maximize the torso which is with liposuction, that is marries very well with top surgery so quite a few occasions we’ll combine it at the same time,” she said, explaining that they aim to get rid of that “extra padding” on the sides to create a “more straight up and down appearance.”

“The really cool thing about this surgery is that once the cells are gone, they’re the shape will be changed for nothing, so even if you were to gain weight, it would look a little bit more like a dad bod and won’t go back to the same curves,” she added. 

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Other videos feature Gallagher showing young transgender individuals bragging about their surgeries, providing the caption “no T needed.” She also has a TikTok expressing annoyance at “clueless” politicians who apparently spread “harmful myths” about her gender affirmation surgeries. 

In another video, posted in April, Gallagher explains how they create artificial testicles for women who wish to be men. 

“So typically, when we’re creating the testicles for trans masculine bottom surgery, we use implants to do it. There’s two types available on the market,” she explains. 

“There’s a saline implants, which I tend not to use because I find patients don’t tolerate them as well. And then there’s these guys,” she said, holding up a silicon implant.

“They feel really natural. They’re available in different sizes. You decide what with your doc what the right size is for you, and there it is,” she said.

In another video, Gallagher express frustration over dealing with what she describes as an insurance company’s “non-evidence based gate-keeping rules” that she believes they invent to “prevent patient getting gender affirmation care.” 

Other videos feature the surgeon reacting happily to what are presumably her topless patients dancing post-surgery. 

“Looking great!!” she wrote in another featuring a biological woman getting ready as a man.

The push follows the left’s attempts to continue to normalize radical gender-altering procedures for confused men and women while deeming critics as hateful for questioning the science (or lack thereof) behind the procedures. Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the latest to fall into the spotlight over its Center for Gender Surgery, which offers a “full suite of surgical options for transgender teens and young adults.” However, the hospital backtracked after the backlash, asserting that it does not provide genital surgeries to those younger than 18, despite a previous version of the website reading that a patient must be “at least 17 years old for vaginoplasty.” Further, the hospital is open to performing chest surgeries on qualifying individuals as young as 15.

Recently, following a report requested by Florida’s Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) found that transgender procedures, including puberty blockers and surgeries, are not proven to be “safe or effective” but are actually “experimental and investigational.” As a result, the state has prohibited Medicaid from covering transgender procedures.


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