NCAA Accepts MSU's Slap on the Wrist

NCAA Accepts MSU's Slap on the Wrist

Following one of the more successful seasons in recent memory, Mississippi State was set to receive a major setback with NCAA sanctions.

However, by cooperating with the NCAA and proposing sanctions of their own, the football program was able to escape with what essentially amounts to a slap on the wrist, and a light slap at that.

The self-imposed sanctions, accepted by NCAA, require a reduction in official visit allotment by two from 41 to 39, the removal of complimentary tickets to recruits during the first two home games against SEC opponents this season (LSU and Kentucky), the loss of four recruiting days from 168 to 164, the loss of two scholarships on the roster for this season and next down to 83, and the loss of two scholarships allowed for Signing Day in 2014 down to 23.

Despite the relatively light sanctions, the offense was deemed significant in nature involving a booster providing inappropriate benefits to a prospect and former wide receivers coach Angelo Mirando’s failure to report once he became aware of the violations.

2012 signee and four-star recruit Will Redmond, the Bulldog cornerback at the center of the violations, will be eligible this season.