Patriots Tight End Troubles Could Pose Dilemma for Tebow

Patriots Tight End Troubles Could Pose Dilemma for Tebow

Throughout his career, Tim Tebow has been adamant about his desire to play quarterback. Nevertheless, naysayers have long argued that tight end or H-Back may be a better position if the former Heisman Trophy winner hopes to have a long term NFL career.

It is likely time that the decorated quarterback must consider how he would respond if such a switch was requested.

What was supposed to be a strength for New England–the tight end position–is now in shambles. The antics and injuries of Rob Gronkowski have been well documented, and the surgeries continue to pile up for the talented tight end.

Now, with Aaron Hernandez a potential suspect in a homicide, Tom Brady could be running out of targets.

Tebow lacks ideal size for the position that he has never played, but he is only about ten pounds lighter than Hernandez–weight that can easily be put on–and actually two inches taller. His speed, while not blazing, is more than adequate for the position and his toughness is unquestioned.

As a quarterback, Tebow has been given little opportunity to develop and prove that his unorthodox style can translate into NFL success. At best, he can hope to make the Patriots roster as the third string quarterback, play in mop up duty and situational roles, and eventually earn a spot with another team.

At tight end, opportunity could come knocking much quicker. The question is, will Tebow answer the call?