Rivers, Rondo Nearly Came to Blows

Rivers, Rondo Nearly Came to Blows

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has seemed quite eager to get out of Boston, and his public flirtation with the Clippers could certainly have an effect on locker room morale if he continues to roam the sidelines next season.

Among the reasons for his eagerness to flea the franchise where he has had so much success could be the recent revelation that he nearly came to blows with guard Rajon Rondo. 

Chris Sheridan is reporting that Rondo, the only Celtics star with any remaining youth, apparently aimed the f-bomb at Rivers during a team meeting, prompting the coach to go after the player before others intervened.

The highly successful coach knows that Boston is about to go through a major rebuilding process and Rondo is likely to be the building block for efforts to add fresh talent.