Report: Manziel Lied to Mom, Archie Manning About Passing Camp Incident

Report: Manziel Lied to Mom, Archie Manning About Passing Camp Incident

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel reportedly lied to his mother and Archie Manning about why he did not show up to scheduled meetings the day he was booted from the Manning Passing Camp in Louisiana last weekend. 

According to the Rumors and Rants website, which broke the story that Manziel had been kicked out of the camp, Manziel in fact did not oversleep and was not in his room the night before he was asked to leave the camp. 

Rumors and Rants reported on Saturday Manziel was instead on Bourbon Street, an hour away from where the Manning Passing Camp is held, as late as 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. He was not, as he had claimed, in his dorm room with roommate A.J. McCarron. 

Archie Manning reportedly knew of Manziel’s whereabouts, gave Manziel a chance to explain himself, and was lied to by Manziel. Manziel also reportedly lied to his mother, telling her he overslept and McCarron did not wake him up, which put McCarron in an awkward situation when he had to answer questions about a roommate who was not even in the room on the night in question. During SEC Media Days, Manziel said he had overslept and his phone broke. Earlier reports indicated Manziel was sent home due to dehydration. 

That prompted Buddy Teevens, a coach at the Passing Camp, to reportedly dismiss Manziel from the Passing Camp. These reports will just make the spotlight brighter on a quarterback who may not be adjusting to living under it well and admitted last week that it was “10 times hotter” than he had expected.