Cowboys Owner: Two Teams Could Move to L.A.

Cowboys Owner: Two Teams Could Move to L.A.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Wednesday that he feels there are two professional football teams that could soon move to Los Angeles, which currently does not have a franchise.

“I feel more imminent about a team being in here, that it’s more imminent than any time since we haven’t had a team in Los Angeles,” Jones said in an interview with the NFL Network. “And yes, this market is a huge market, it’s a little bit of a black eye for all of us to have had this many years and not had an NFL team in Los Angeles.”

He added, “The owners don’t mess much up … but we haven’t gotten this one right. There’s people, there’s locations, there are people that are interested, a lot of people that can help us put this thing together. And as it turns out that we have at least two teams … that could move to this area.”

The San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, and the Oakland Raiders have all been mentioned as teams that could possibly relocate back to Los Angeles.