Report: Jonathan Martin Allegedly Admitted to Smoking 'Mary Jane' to Incognito

Report: Jonathan Martin Allegedly Admitted to Smoking 'Mary Jane' to Incognito

In a series of text messages, Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin may have confessed to Richie Incognito that he smoked marijuana, which is a substance the NFL has banned and for which players can be suspended for after a positive test. 

According to text messages obtained by Fox News, on June 15, 2013, Incognito reportedly texted Martin, “Hahaha What did u do last night”:

Martin’s response two minutes later: “Smoked  for the first time in 5 months.”

“Nice! We’re u ripped?” Incognito asked.

Martin: “Yeah bro haha.”

In another set of texts on August 31, 2013, Incognito reportedly asked “Martin to join him and two female companions for ‘dinner and drinks,’ but Martin demurred stating, ‘My friend Mary Jane has me glued to the couch.”” Incognito reportedly texted back, “F—ing stoner.” The term “Mary Jane” is often used as short-hand for marijuana.

Before this week’s Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos in what is being dubbed as the “Marijuana Bowl” because the teams hail from the only two states where recreational marijuana is legal, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said that the league may allow medicinal marijuana for concussions in the future.

Martin left the Dolphins earlier this year due to what he called a “hostile work environment.” He identified Incognito as the lead “harasser,” and the Dolphins subsequently suspended Incognito indefinitely. Incognito is now a free agent while Martin is still on the Dolphins roster. Though both are not expected to return to the Dolphins next year, Incognito and Martin have expressed that they would like to play in the league next season.


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