March Madness: Kentucky Fan Predicts National Championship in Tattoo

March Madness: Kentucky Fan Predicts National Championship in Tattoo

Tattoo-removal businesses around Berea, Kentucky may see a boost in business later this month.

Tyler Austin Black, a local machinist recently tattooed “2014 Nati9nal Champions UK” on his calf. The “9” refers to the number of national championships the storied school will have won should they prevail in the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament. But the Wildcats, who entered the season a favorite, play as a decided underdog midway through March. They finished tied for second behind Florida in the regular-standings. With a 22-9 record, they remain unranked approaching the NCAA tournament.

“I’m not delusional,” Black told ESPN. “I know we’ve had a rough season. BigBlue Nation is down and the majority of people have no faith in us. Butwe have faith in ourselves.”

Black hopes the prophecy under skin turns out more like the won worn by Tim Connors on his arm than the one worn by Tim Hartsburg wore on his face. Hartsburg inked a Mitt Romney insignia on himself prior to 2012’s presidential election. Connors tattooed a Seahawks insignia that denoted a Super Bowl victory. Black tells ESPN that he plans to keep the tattoo regardless of what happens in the NCAA tournament. 

It’s men like Black and Connors that remind that “fan” stands as an abbreviation for “fanatic.”