Incognito Out of Treatment; Seeking Job

Incognito Out of Treatment; Seeking Job

Richie Incognito had a bad February. He’s looking to rebound in March.

The beleaguered free-agent guard emerged from treatment three weeks after he took a baseball bat to his defenseless black Ferrari. He retains a sense of humor about the vandalism in which he served as perpetrator and victim. He tweeted last night, “FOR SALE BLACK FERRARI FF.” Today, he tweeted out Reinhold Niebuhr’s “Serenity Prayer,” which reads in part: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change/The courage to change the things I can/And wisdom to know the difference.”

Will he be able to accept it if his NFL career is over? Incognito tweeted yesterday, “Looking forward to getting back to work ASAP ;).” While former teammate Jonathan Martin has reunited with college coach Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco, Incognito’s fate remains uncertain. The tenth-year lineman still faces league discipline, which could amount to a multi-game suspension. Given the media circus surrounding Incognito, and his destructive role in the Miami lockerroom, many teams may not entertain the idea of signing the former Pro Bowler even at the league minimum. 

Prior to the Ferrari incident, the Wells Report outlined instances of racially-insensitive behavior and bullying while a member of the Miami Dolphins, characterizing Incognito as “loud, aggressive and boisterous, with little sense of social boundaries.”