Duck Commander 500 Delayed

Duck Commander 500 Delayed

Ducks love the rain. The Duck Commander 500? Not so much.

The inaugural Duck Commander 500, scheduled for an afternoon start at the Texas Motor Speedway, faces a delayed start today. The forecast calls for a high chance of rain throughout the afternoon. Boasting lights and no curfew, the Texas Motor Speedway will likely host the race today as competing with tomorrow’s NCAA basketball championship game seems a fool’s errand. The race calls for 334 laps, which means that a completion of half those laps would make it official.

Tony Stewart enjoys the pole position. 

Controversy followed the announcement of the three-year sponsorship deal between the track and Duck Commander. But given that the National Rifle Association sponsored a race at the speedway last year, the outrage didn’t go beyond those perpetually outraged.

“This is perhaps the most unique sponsorship in professional sports because not only does this come with special branding, it comes with celebrity spokespeople that are followed by tens of millions of people every week,” explained Eddie Gossage, president of the Texas Motor Speedway president to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Fans will see members of the Robertson Family and cast of Duck Dynasty and all the rest during Duck Commander 500 week. This marriage is perfection.”

The marriage may be perfection. But Mother Nature didn’t cooperate to make the wedding day perfection, too.