Major League Baseball Celebrates Annual Jackie Robinson Day

Major League Baseball Celebrates Annual Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson desegregated (Pumpsie Green integrated) Major League Baseball 67 years ago buy crossing what had previously been the all-white lines and Major League Baseball will honor him again today with its annual Jackie Robinson Day.

After New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera retired last year, no ballplayer will ever wear the retired no. 42 except on Jackie Robinson Day (Rivera was grandfathered in). 

Jules Tygiel and Roger Kahn wrote about Robinson and captured the essence of Robinson at a time when writers had the time to write a few pieces that were not just the equivalent of junk-food blog posts that feed the beast, which doesn’t happen robotically or automatically. 

Here’s the legendary Vin Scully’s tribute to Jackie Robinson in the meantime. Robinson proved that sports is upstream from culture, which is upstream from politics. Something that often goes unrealized as political hacks mindlessly and senselessly chase nonsensical flashy objects in the modern news cycle.