Buffalo Sabres Can't Even Win the NHL Draft Lottery

Buffalo Sabres Can't Even Win the NHL Draft Lottery

The NHL playoffs start tonight. The NHL also-rans held their own competition last night. 

The ping-pong balls bounced last night the way the pucks have all season for the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres enjoyed a 25 percent chance at the top pick. But the league’s worst team managed to lose the draft lottery to the Florida Panthers on Tuesday in Toronto. The Panthers, who suffered through the second worst season in the NHL, won the rights to the top pick despite just a 19 percent chance of landing it. Last year, the Panthers were in the position of the Sabres, losing the top pick after finishing last among all teams during the regular season.

The NHL holds its draft in Philadelphia on June 27th and 28th. The playoff results will determine the non-lottery draft placement, with the exception of the final first-round selection held by the New Jersey Devils as a result of punishment from the league office. Here’s the order as determined by the lottery…. 

13. Washington Capitals

12. Phoenix Coyotes

11. Nashville Predators

10. Anaheim Ducks (via Ottawa Senators)

9. Winnipeg Jets

8. Toronto Maple Leafs

7. Carolina Hurricanes

6. Vancouver Canucks

5. New York Islanders

4. Calgary Flames

3. Edmonton Oilers

2. Buffalo Sabres

1. Florida Panthers