Herschel Walker, 52, Says He Could Play in the NFL

Herschel Walker, 52, Says He Could Play in the NFL

Betty White stars in a sitcom at 92. Bernard Hopkins unified light heavyweight belts over the weekend at 49. Why can’t Hershel Walker give the NFL another go at 52?

“I can play in the NFL today,” the Heisman Trophy winner told USA Today. “I couldn’t take every snap. But running backs nowadays don’t play every down. Now they send in the choir section. Physically, I can still do it.” And his successful stint as a mixed-martial artist in his late forties shows that doubting Herschel Walker doesn’t always pay off.

Herschel, known for his over-the-top goal-line leaps as a Georgia Bulldog and strict regimen of pushups and situps throughout his career, says he won’t be coming back to the NFL, at least as a player. But he doesn’t rule out another role, especially now that his former New Jersey Generals boss explores the idea of buying the Buffalo Bills.

“He may rub some people the wrong way, but you can’t argue with his success as a businessman,” Walker said of Donald Trump. “You want an owner with some flair. He knows how to promote.”

Photo credit: Esther Lin